Egypt Fitness Fest is Back!


Egypt Fitness Fest is Back! 

How about breaking up your daily routine and come join us for the one & only fitness festival happening in Egypt, coming back for its 4th year, where we are Celebrating Fitness with a carnival atmosphere on October the 22nd, 2016 at Palm Hills Club, 6th of October city.

It all started in 2013 with a mission to create a huge fitness community, change the fitness & sports scene in Egypt and motivate people to live and lead a positive & active lifestyle.

With all the negativity dimming the atmosphere in Egypt, it’s amazing to realize that there are other people & entities out there who share your goals, your vision and dreams doing their absolute best trying to create a positive environment, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to reach. We believe in the power of sports and fitness, the power of an awesome community all gathered in one place having one goal which is to spread positive energy, good vibes, optimism and create a great atmosphere which we believe could help us face any challenges that come our way. There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious than people with positive vibes and energy.

Egypt fitness fest is the meeting point where fitness entities, Fitness enthusiasts and newbies gather from all over the Middle East to take part in the mega sporting event,  engaging through a multitude of activities, competitions & games carried out in a fun and exciting way.

The fest encourages people to come together as a community and get active for the fun of it.

Whether families or individuals or groups, everyone will find themselves in The Fest. Whatever type of person you are, you’ll find something that you love at The Fest.

We’d like you to bring your family and come, you’ll find a family run and an area where your kids can play and you can enjoy some free exercises and some good vibes. We’d like you to come dance, The Fest has Les Mills classes, Zumba classes and Pole Fit and a huge jumping party powered by Jumping Middle East. We promise you barrels of fun.

If competing is your thing, then you’ll find a multitude of competitions like Egypt Strongest Man Competition & an amateur weightlifting challenge, the Obstacle course for all fitness freaks and one for the little ones as well. Challenge yourself. It’s so much fun you’ll love it.

We’d like you to come learn all about CrossFit that has been taking the world by storm as we have an area dedicated solely to teaching 101 CrossFit for all the new learners out there. There are also a variety of games you can participate in like soccer, basketball & many more.

The event also features the finals of the biggest fitness Competition in Egypt and one of the leading events in the Middle East where athletes will be battling with others from Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, & Qatar. Also happening on the same day is the Urban Fight Night an MMA fight night powered by F3 (Fight & Fitness Factory.)

It’s a great event to get exposed to what’s hot and new in fitness and health, also to meet new people to share your knowledge, skills, and invigorating passion for health and fitness with the rest of the community. We bring you excitement, motivation, inspiration, and joy for the whole family that all sums up to a one of a kind experience with an amazing spirit that we just can’t wait for.

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Fitness is FUN!

If you think fitness isn’t FUN we will prove you wrong! FITNESS IS FUN
Mark your calendars for the one and only Egypt Fitness Fest A Fun fitness packed weekend on October 23rd & 24th brought to you by itzsports and powered by reebokmena. Stay Tuned for more details!


We promise you a one of a kind Fun-Fitness Experience


The huge rise of the fitness and health in Egypt

Egypt Fitness Fest a name chosen to reflect the huge rise of the fitness and health that Egypt has been witnessing. Egyptians are now more than ever embracing the concept of living a healthy lifestyle.

A lot of healthy stores and fitness facilities are opening up. People are becoming more and more aware of the role of fitness in achieving a healthy lifestyle. It’s a humongous change that we need to CELEBRATE. Join us in this HUGE celebration. Bring your family and friends and spread the word. Let’s all work towards a healthier and fitter Egypt.

Stay Tuned for more details!