The Fest is going to feature a lot of different fitness activities, fun games, the biggest fitness competition, free sessions by top instructors, a cool and fun obstacle course, cycling and running.


The first & biggest Fitness Competition in Egypt and one of the leading fitness events in the region. This year ELFIT 2016 will be even bigger, better & hotter. The competition is always exciting and fun allowing the spectators to get close to the competition for cheering, coaching and motivation. ELFIT finals competition will be held on 3 consecutive days from October 20th-22nd where 400+ athletes from 7 different countries will be competing at the finals at Palm Hills Club in the heart of Cairo, Egypt to win the title of ELFIT 2016 and take home their share of USD 20,000+ total money prize! Anyone is welcome to compete at ELFIT. ELFIT Reebok is one of the few competitions around the world.




The Strongest Man Competition is an international concept that was never done before in Egypt. The competition will be one of its kind. It is designed to test each individual’s absolute limits, challenging not only their physical strength, but also their agility and mental toughness too. So you better be prepared get into some crazy action that vary from carrying a lot of heavy stuff to throwing around heavier objects. It is definitely going to be one of those competitions that is entertaining to watch. Please note that this competition requires registration and pay a certain fee.




Because spinning is always more fun when it’s OUTDOORS and with all the spinning enthusiasts gathered, this year we’re having a huge spinning event by the Pool, meet your friends, have fun and exercise at the same time. What are you waiting for?




Ever thought about being a part of a Jumping Party? it’s ALWAYS  Fun & Energetic! Now you can have fun whilst burning some calories, This year The Party is brought to you by Jumping Fitness Egypt at the Fest where anyone can join.




Because the MMA community in Egypt needs some recognition, we’ve decided to team up with Fight and Fitness Factory to have an MMA fight where everyone can watch the action!
And of course there will be instructors to teach you the basic movements of MMA to get you familiar with the techniques. so get ready and be prepared!



A Fun & challenging 40-50 meters obstacle course for ages from 16- 35 includes wall and net climbing, balance beams, sled pushing, monkeybars, crawling…etc


We thought of letting the kids to pitch in a one heck of an obstacle that is a very exciting for Kids From 8-13 years old. The kids will get the chance to engage in a fun and challenging environment.



Back in February 2013, during our first event with the support of Egypt Sports network group we invited Egypt’s top Olympic athletes from London 2012 to attend Egypt Fitness Fest, celebrate their success and present them to the fitness community. Silver medalist Alaa Abo elkasem was the one presenting the prizes to some of the winners.

Because this year is the Olympics year and we had to think of something to show these amazing athletes some gratitude. We will have a 100 meters air conditioned tent where people/ fans can MEET & Greet The Olympians who will be invited to Egypt Fitness Fest. Part of this year’s program is to fundraise monetry prizes to give it to the 3 medalists and to the top Olympic athletes from Rio 2016.




Because who isn’t crazy about super heroes?! Since we are celebrating fitness with a carnival atmosphere we thought to take running to a whole new level and add a dash of fun to it. If you find superheros mascots running beside you just keep running ☺ So who can run?! Anyone! Time to unleash your super powers within you!




There is definetly a reason behind every girl’s love for zumba! Dancing to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. Working out is fun! And Top fitness instructors will be present on egypt fitness fest’s STAGE to prove just that.

Les Mills is nothing short than a great and fun way to workout as well with the choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness technique.



We’re having the BIGGEST Crossfit WOD in Egypt, where anyone and everyone who does Crossfit can come and join, it’s going to be an amazing experience with an amazing atmosphere.

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