It is the Ultimate Fun Fitness Experience


Egypt Fitness Fest originally (ELFIT Fitness Festival) started in 2013 and played a pivotal role in spreading awareness of fitness and health in Egypt. It was the first event of its kind that created a huge fitness community by gathering all the fitness entities, top fitness instructors, sports enthusiasts all in one place.

The event grew in its own unique way and gained a lot of popularity and recognition. It rapidly became a very important date on every health conscious and fitness fanatic’s calendar. The event also attracted many families who care about their kids overall health and wellbeing.

It is the one and only fitness fest in Egypt. The fest features different fitness activities, fun games for the whole family, a massive fitness competition that is fun to watch, free sessions by top instructors, a cool and fun obstacle course, cycling and running and lots of entertainment.

Much of the buzz is given to ELFIT REEBOK COMPETITION where the top finalists from 6 different countries (Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Palestine) will be competing head to head in a grueling fitness battle.

Other than watching the heart racing fitness competition the Egypt Fitness Fest will be packed with lots of entertainment, fun games and many fitness activities e.g (Les Mills, TRX, Jumping Fitness, calisthenics/ streetworkout, crossfit, powerlifting, Parkour … etc.). It’s a great event to get exposed to what’s hot and new in the fitness and health industry and also to meet new people who share the same passion for sports and fitness. We bring you excitement, motivation, inspiration, and joy for the whole family that all sums up to a one of a kind experience.

Egypt Fitness Fest’s name was chosen to reflect the huge rise of the fitness and health that Egypt has been witnessing. Egyptians are now more than ever embracing the concept of living a healthy lifestyle. A lot of healthy stores, Crossfit boxes and fitness facilities are opening up. It’s a humongous change that we need to celebrate. We are inviting EVERYONE to be part of this huge celebration. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the one and only Egypt Fitness Fest.


We promise you a one of a kind Fun-Fitness Experience

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